Monday, 11 April 2016

A Hairy question.

A hairy question, or to beard or not to beard. 

Last year I was advised that my impression of a french infantryman would be greatly improved if I just went with the moustache and forewent the accompanying small beard (as I had for Waterloo month). My response was that I liked having a beard in my real life the 340 days or so of the year I'm not being a Napoleonic Frenchmen.

Should people have all the correct hair? facial or otherwise? I have seen long haired chaps told that men didn't have long hair in the army at the time they portrayed so they should not either, but again you can't grow long hair back between gigs (of one sort or another).

What if you do two different periods that have different requirements?

This morning the above picture was put up on a Napoleonic facebook page and amongst the many compliments were many comments of 'What no moustaches?' myself amongst them. Does that make me a hypocrite?

I don't think so. These are the Old guard. The veteran veterans, famous for their facial hair. They have made a fantastic effort on their kit and invested much time and money on being an elite unit.. and I feel that is just it. If you don't want to commit to such an important feature of the look that is Le moustache.. don't join an 'elite' unit that is so well known for it. I have always got the impression that these guys are considered elite in terms of reenactment, with really high standards in what they do, so why make an exception with the face?

Not everyone wants to live with a big moustache. Sometimes including wives and girlfriends. but if you really wanted to do Old Guard and have spent maybe a thousand pounds on gear.. visit a theatrical shop and get a good looking false one.

There, that is that one sorted.

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