Monday, 17 June 2013

unseen benefits..

Apart from the actual taking part and meeting lots of agreeable people I have noticed other benefits to doing reenactment.

I am eating a bit better, whilst I have never been into junkfood and favour going down the organic route whenever possible I still regularly ate things like chocolate or cakes and have noticed a marked decrease in this (real patisserie croissants don't count), infact anything that comes in a colourful or plastc packet tends to be avoided.

Having another interest in life that you feel a passion for is just good for your mood and adds to contentment. If I do overtime at work (not often) I can chant 'shako vouchers, shako vouchers, shako vouchers' and it will all seem more worth while.

Putting an event on the calendar is another thing to look forward to.
I am not a natural administrator, I had an office job once but they got suspicious at how often my inbox caught fire in a mysterious lighter fluid explosion incident, especially as I don't smoke...
My lovely Wife is usually the facilitator of holidays and now I have just organised a flight to Leipzig and hotel accomodation at the end, and have an enveloped marked 'Liepzig, important bits of paper.'    I am more organised.

Better budget. This might seem strange given its not a cheap interest but I have been saving money I would normally spend on other hobbies and putting it into this. I have even sold some old clutter and sold on a festival ticket to pay a large chunk of the above trip.

I am more concerned with maintaining good health, opting to make a few more trips on my bike other than a bus or train or to walk a bit further before stopping, opting for the smaller portion when cooking. I want to keep marching and fighting for years to come and keep a fairly flat look to the front of my uniform, no tum pooching out!

Must resist grecian 2000 though.

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